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Special Gifts for Those Special to Us

Milestones mark special memories - why not have fun with them! I like to make gifts that are fun and playful and reflect a sense of humor - life can be hard enough! :)

My craft readily lends itself to baby items, so I offer many items for those little critters.  However, crochet is such a flexible medium for me, that I also provide other items that would fit any age - like for pets and home - and I put my own spin on them!  

As for pets - bring on the dancing horses and furry friends (i.e. dogs)! I have hats for all occasions!

As a final note, I also take on the challenge of custom projects. Some of these have been completing projects others just cannot finish, whether it be a loved one's unfinished project, or a piece we just ran out of time for. Please contact me and let's see if we can create something new or preserve a loved one's work so you may have it or give it to treasure and use.

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- Melissa

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